Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of Payment do you offer at SwissBucks?

We currently offer payments via Bank Wire, Paxum, and PayPal in a range of currencies you can choose from being USD / EUR / GBP / CHF.

How does "Payment on Demand" work?

At SwissBucks we like to give you the webmaster control of how you control your business, we offer a payment on demand system where you can request to withdraw your money at anytime when you reach our payment threshold of $100 / €100 / £100 / CHF100.

Payments will be with you within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays. Any wire payouts is subject to 12 USD fees to cover our own processing fees - some banks could take additional fees your end, and we can not liable for this.

How do I know a Payment is from SwissBucks?

Our Swiss parent company is responsible for all payments made out to affiliates and you will see "Vivalead SA" on your statement.

Do you deduct any Taxes from my Payment?

No, the amount you see in your affiliate console is exactly the amount we will pay you. You act as an independant contractor and you are responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes in your own country.

What is a chargeback?

SwissBucks is only responsible for collecting stats and data from sponsors websites regarding affiliates sales, very occasionally a customer you refer will cancel their membership and inform the bank it was unauthorised, they issue a refund and charge the sponsor. We deduct all earnings from a sale that charges-back from your balance.

I made a Sale in USD and I get paid in other currency?

At SwissBucks we believe you should be in charge of your business and because of this we offer payments in multiple currencies including USD / EUR / GBP / CHF, sales can be made on any of our network sites in a variety of currencies but are shown in websites reference currency, we will convert these sales to our selected currency based on our daily conversion rate we get from our bank.

What types of promotional tools do you offer to help affiliates?

For our Membership Sites we offer photos & videos of all scenes along with a text description for you. We also offer banners, tube clips, and an array of feeds and hosted solutions to help you bring in the sales.

For our e-commerce sites we offer listings of all products including pictures and text descriptions, we can also offer custom materials should you need them.

We are constantly developing new tools and are interested in any ideas you may have so please contact us

Can I modify any promotional materials?

We do not allow affiliates to modify promotional materials without prior consent from us, all free material is used under licence, and should only be used for the promotion of the SwissBucks site associated with the content.

What if I need custom promo tools?

SwissBucks has a team dedicated to helping its affiliates to succeed in their marketing campaigns, you can contact us at any time with any questions or requests for custom materials.

How are my stats and sales tracked?

When a surfer clicks one of your links we place a 365 day cookie on their computer, if this surfer makes a purchase in the following 365 days the billing system reads the cookie and awards you the sale. Our cookies are designed to be overwritten if another affiliate refers the same sufer to the sponsor awarding the newest affiliate the sale.

How do I promote multiple sites through SwissBucks?

When signing-up to SwissBucks you apply to promote any sites we have in our affiliates network, and will be automatically eligible to promote new sites as their are added to the network.

Is SwissBucks available in Nifty Stats and Stats Remote ?

Yes, SwissBucks is totally compliant with these two statistics software and you can add our programs there.